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How to Find a Good Plumbing Company to Work For

Posted by | June 8, 2015 | Jobs and Careers Blog

Working as a plumber can be rewarding. You have plenty of options once you have your education, apprenticeship training, and certification completed. You know you can start your own company, but maybe that is not for you. Perhaps you want someone else to hold the responsibility for running the company and employees, so you can just enjoy the work and security. If this is the case, you are probably wondering how you can find a plumbing company to work for that will reward you as a plumber.

Searching Company Listings in your Area

Cold calling plumbing companies is one way to figure out which companies are hiring, but are you really willing to invest all that time? Most job seekers need a job now, not months down the road. There are better ways than cold calling local companies to see if they are hiring.

You could use word of mouth, call your local tech school to see if they know of any jobs, or you could go straight to the source. Instead of wasting your time, you could go to an online website that has vetted all the plumbing companies in your area before they are able to list their job posting on the site. One very comprehensive directory is HVAC-Connect.com, where you can find companies using keywords and location, or just browse the Plumbing Contractors category.

Online Website with the Answer

There are also online websites for HVAC and Plumbing jobs. A good one is HVAC Jobs Center (https://hvacjobscenter.com). This website is designed to provide you with a free account, profile, online resume, one-click application and job alerts. You also have access to employer posts from companies throughout the US and Canada.

Any company that is named on the site has paid and been vetted in order to be accepted on the job posting site. This means this company is serious about hiring good plumbers. Additionally by using such a site, you know the information is kept up to date. Old postings are taken down as soon as the jobs are filled, so you know which companies are still offering positions.

Length of Time the Post is Online

There is one important thing to remember as you search through various company postings. This little thing can help you whether you use HVAC Jobs Center or any job board. Look at the date of the post and how long the position has been open. Furthermore, look at the turnaround at the company.

A high turnaround at any company means there is dissatisfaction. Often employees are using a company as a stepping stone to something better or they are finding the management is not worth working for. By ensuring yourself that nothing like this is happening you can find a better plumbing company to work for.

Another option is to read reviews that are online. Reviews about employers, LinkedIn profiles, and social media are all ways for you to learn about a potential employer to see what is being said. Like word of mouth about companies hiring, these social media avenues can help you see if a company is worth working for.

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