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How to find a real good job in HVAC

Posted by | March 24, 2015 | Jobs and Careers Blog

If you want to find a good job in HVAC then you definitely need to avoid making common mistakes. These are mistakes that many job seekers make whether it is in applying for the job, finding a job to apply for, or making wasted efforts to find a job.

  1. Unsolicited resumes: sending out resumes to companies is one mistake that will lead you down the wrong road. You want a good job in HVAC, so you need to know what companies are hiring. Try cold calling a few companies before you send out resumes.
  1. Using online job postings: this is a definite must, but you should not rely on generic job posting websites only. You need to look all over the place and on particular HVAC job websites in the US and Canada to find good HVAC jobs. For example if you are looking at non specialty sites, you probably are finding administration, entry level and totally non-related jobs. If you go with an online job seeker site that is all about HVAC jobs then you are actually using a place that is matching your skills with a variety of jobs.
  1. Looking only for job postings: if you wait until a job posting is available online you are making a mistake. Rather than waiting, you need to post your availability, profile, and what you would like in a job. In this way any recruiter and employer hoping to fill a job position can find you.

Before going on with some mistakes job seekers make, note that when you look for job openings you want to respond right away. You need to have a resume and a profile already created so you can apply. Additionally, you need to look online at places that will offer you true HVAC jobs and not any job relating to that type of company. As long as you make yourself available online and look through postings that are targeting your skills you will have success.

  1. Networking: there is a right way and wrong way to use networking. Networking is not about asking for jobs or talking too much to those who could offer you a position. Instead, it is about making an impression that the person remembers when there is a job opening. You can always let the person know you are seeking a job when networking, but do so in a way that says you are just looking for some tips rather than asking for a job.

If you can avoid the common mistakes and search in the right place for HVAC jobs then you can find a really good job that is worth your skills. Also keep in mind that as much as a company is interviewing you, you also need to interview them. You need to make sure you are a right fit for any company. You also want to ensure they do not have a high turnover rate because of unhappy employees. This issue of unhappy employees is easy to spot by visiting the company before you apply or during the application process.


How to find a real good job in HVAC




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