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Is it Possible to Earn a Six Figure Salary in HVAC

Posted by | August 31, 2021 | Jobs and Careers Blog

If you’re thinking about changing careers and wondering about the benefits of working in the HVAC industry, keep reading. You may become excited to learn how rewarding this career can be and the great potential it has to be one the most well-paid industries with as little as a high-school diploma to get started.

A career in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration may seem pretty… well, “blue collar”. But did you know that today’s typical, everyday HVAC technician’s salary may be comparable to the salaries of careers that require a four-year university degree? Yes, you read that correctly. HVAC technicians have the potential to get paid top dollar without the college degree.

Part of the six-figures club…

According to an article entitled Which jobs pay $100K or more? This list might surprise you, MarketWatch.com wrote an article mentioning a thread on Reddit that had “more than 15,000 comments… [asking] real people to share what they do for a living to earn six figures.” Apparently, HVAC maintenance technicians made the list as one of the careers making big money in their claims. Comments stated that repairing A/C units for skyscrapers and hospitals were paying the big bucks and though it’s quite competitive, it seemed to be one of the higher paying careers.

However, employers often times request experienced and educated candidates when hiring. So, it’s understandable that the top earners in the field are most likely HVAC professionals with more years of training under their belt. And although it isn’t a requirement to get HVAC certified or a diploma in HVAC to get hired, it is probably best to consider furthering your education in HVAC, if you want to get paid more. 

While both education and experience may be a big factor when it comes to salary attainment, the other important factor may be the location of the company.

For example, if you search for jobs in the HVAC industry on HVACJobsCenter.com, you’ll see that companies such as Baker Home Energy in Escondido, California are hiring candidates with a salary starting at $100k and above, if you meet qualifications.

HVAC Service Technician – HVAC Jobs Center

But wait! There’s more!

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers is projected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, [projected to be] about as fast as the average for all occupations”.

Today’s careers in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning field are booming, and help is needed nationwide. Employers all over North America are desperately looking for good candidates and many employers even go through the lengths of training their new hires to get them ready for the field. Many employers give new hires an opportunity to go through an Apprenticeship Program, if accepted.

Ken Misiewicz, CEO of Pleune Service Co. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, stated in an ACHRN News article, “Because we are 100 percent employee owned and operated, we invest in people’s long-term success through mentoring, on-the-job training, formal education, industry events, and apprenticeship programs.”

ACHRN News made an article entitled “HVAC Contractors Reveal the Best Places to Recruit New Employees”. It interviewed Russ Donnici, president of San Jose, California-based Mechanical Air Service Inc., who stated,

The industry needs to be more vocal about the employment opportunities and promote itself to high schools… People don’t realize that journeymen, service techs, and installers can earn a great deal more than a typical college graduate and continue to do so throughout their careers. It’s really unfortunate because the HVAC trade provides a high level of job satisfaction, an opportunity to improve the environment people live and work in, as well as opportunities to help protect our outdoor environment and excellent pay.

Is there a catch?

Just like in any “too good to be true” deal, there has to be a catch-22 lurking around the corner ready to spring out and ruin our dream bubble, right? The answer is maybe…

With every career, there’s always a corporate ladder to climb and it doesn’t seem to be different in the HVAC industry. Insiders forewarn that it can be quite a competitive and niche industry with lots of people trying to get to the top and a lot of work to do in order to obtain the higher paying positions in the company.

HVAC industry employers also seem to favor candidates who can demonstrate they are dependable, reliable and have a willingness to work, when applying to the job. But these things shouldn’t come to much of a surprise since they are common in many job interviews.

If you know, you know…

In almost any career, experience and education seem to be the keys to success. The good news is that if you choose to follow a career in HVAC, you can get certified in a fraction of the time compared to other industries. Many community colleges such as Monroe Community College in the state of New York, Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona, Johnston Community College in North Carolina, or the U.S. Armed Forces, for example, offer essential HVAC training that students can obtain in as little as one year, eighteen months, or two years.

Many privately held institutions offer an eighteen-month program or a two-year program as well, where you can receive a certificate after completion to help get you on the right track towards that six-digit salary in a fraction of the time.

Whatever route you choose to take, it seems that the sky is the limit in the HVAC industry. Visit your local educational institutions website to find out more about this exciting new career today!

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