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How to Filter Quality Candidates for a Plumber Job

Posted by | April 8, 2015 | Jobs and Careers Blog

Filtering quality candidates versus those who won’t be for a plumbing job might seem easy. You will certainly apply some common sense, but there can also be issues that might make you miss a true quality candidate. Here are some suggestions on how to begin your search for filling a plumbing job at your company.


Resume Scan

When you announce a job posting for plumbers, you will start to receive resumes. The first scan of any resume you receive needs to check for the appropriate education and certification. You should have three piles: no education/certification, schooling but no experience, all education and certification. The first pile is going to be rejected resumes since the individuals have no plumbing education, certification, or qualified training required in the US or Canada. The next pile shows they have the schooling, but have yet to have an apprenticeship for on the job training often required for final certification. This pile will not be rejected, but kept for consideration. The third pile is the candidates you want if you are looking for a plumber you do not have to train.

The resumes with experience you want will be the ones you scan for further details including the school they went to, checking on their professional and personal references.


Online Scan

Many job seekers use online sites to post their profile and resume. Since it is a free option for job seekers it makes sense that they would use a job search site that ensures they can post their education, profile, and obtain job alerts. If you have access to the site’s bank of resumes, you can go through these profiles just as a job seeker would view your post. You will use keywords such as their location, certification and training level, plus any words that apply for the plumber position you have. As an employer you can contact those who may fit your job description, inviting them to submit a resume and set an interview date if they are still seeking a position.


The Interview

Now that you have everyone that has the proper qualifications to be a plumber and you have checked their background it is time for the interview, where you will filter out more candidates to find the quality plumber you need.

There will always be standard interview questions you can use. You may have several of the same questions that are worded differently to see how someone will respond.

For this part of the process it is a good idea to be able to read body language. Body language can tell you if the person is just nervous or if they are trying to hide something. It is also a good idea to have two or three people interview a person to see what they get from the person. It might take longer, but you will not eliminate a quality candidate by having more than one opinion. Sometimes a person can have an off day or be extremely nervous but be the truly qualified candidate you are looking for.

If you are not comfortable doing all of the screening and interviews yourself, why not hire a recruiter to do it for you? There are plenty of companies and professionals out there who specialize in Plumbing Recruiting.


How to Filter Quality Candidates for a Plumber Job





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