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Journeyman HVAC

  • Westlake-Industry, OH, United States
  • To be Determined
  • Full-Time

Job Description

Maintains, repairs and services air conditioning, refrigeration, humifications, pneumatic and electrical controls systems related to building air conditioning with a minimum of supervision.

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration: Knowledgeable in the theory and application of all types of heat removal equipment. Familiar with the electronic/electrical controlling of the units.

Required to maintain Energy Management System for controlling all HVAC equipment. Troubleshoot from the computer to the DSC and HVAC units.

Responsible for maintaining records for refrigerant transition and recovery.

Maintains and repairs water-cooled or air-cooled condensers; acid cleans water-cooled condensers, leak test and repairs air-cooled condensers and punches tubes of water-cooled condensers.

Is responsible for cleaning heating and cooling coils (using pressure washer).

Is responsible for the replacement and/or cleaning of air filters on all air-handling systems.

Replaces fan belts and aligns motors to pumps and fans in A/C equipment.

Makes periodic inspections of all A/C and refrigeration equipment.

Performs other duties, as assigned.

Responds to emergency calls.

Works at the direction of the Headworker HVAC.

Reports to the Headworker HVAC or Maintenance Manager.

Experience Required:

Electrical circuitry to “trouble-shoot” control circuits of A/C equipment.

Air distribution and the ability to measure and balance air systems.

Humidification and dehumidification equipment and maintenance and calibration of same.

Must possess refrigerant transition and recovery certification.

Must be able to work on all plumbing fixtures.

Performs regular maintenance and preventative maintenance on all appliances.

Able to work on components of fire suppression system.

Education Required:

Must possess refrigerant transition and recovery certification

How to Apply

Please apply through the link here: https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGnewUI/Search/Home/HomeWithPreLoad?partnerid=25519&siteid=5215&PageType=searchResults&SearchType=linkquery&LinkID=3397709#jobDetails=4225026_5215

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